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2024 NFL schedule rumors: Jaguars expected to play back-to-back games in London for second straight season



The Jacksonville Jaguars made NFL history last season when they became the first team ever to be sent to London for two straight games, and the trip was such a success that it looks like the Jags are going to be doing it again in 2024. 

According to, the Jaguars are expected to play back-to-back games in London this year with one game coming as the home team and one coming as the visiting team. The Jags’ home game will be played at Wembley Stadium against a currently unknown opponent, while their away game is expected to come against the Chicago Bears at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. 

The two games will likely be played in October, which is exactly what happened when the Jags got sent to London for two games last season. In 2023, the Jaguars spent Week 4 AND Week 5 in London. First, they beat the Falcons, 23-7, as the home team, and then they followed that up a week later by beating the Bills, 25-20, as the visiting team. 

With the Jags going 2-0 last year, they were probably more than willing to get sent overseas for another two-game trip this year. Since the two-game experiment worked out so well, there’s a chance that we could see the Jags get sent for three straight games at some point. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell left the door open for that possibility when he was asked about it last year. 

“We like to take things in increments,” Goodell said in May 2023. “I think one of the things we always focus on — pretty much with everything we do, but I’ll put it specifically to the international games — is to learn from our experience every year. To try something a little different and understand the impact of that.”

If the NFL decides to send a team for three straight games, the Jags would almost certainly be the perfect team to send. Not only have they embraced playing in London, but their home stadium is expected to undergo renovations in the very near future. When that happens, there’s a chance the Jags could be forced out of the building for the 2026 or 2027 seasons (or both). 

If the Jags are homeless for either of those two seasons, that would open the door for the NFL to possibly hand them more games in London. For now, though, it’s looking like the Jaguars are getting two games for the 2024 season, but that won’t be confirmed for sure until the schedule is actually released later this month. 

If the Jags are in London for two games, that will mark the 12th and 13th time they’ve played in England, which means that by the end of the 2024 season, they’ll have played twice as many London games as any other team in the NFL. 

For the 2024 season, the NFL will be playing a total of five international games, and the league has already announced the home team for each game. On the European side, the Jaguars, Vikings and Bears will each host a game in London while the Panthers will be hosting a game in Munich. The NFL is also adding a game in Brazil for 2024, which will feature the Eagles serving as the home team in a Week 1 game against the Packers

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