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80 firefighters scrambled to tackle ‘severe’ blaze at historic London pub



A major fire has engulfed the historic Burn Bullock Pub In Mitcham (Picture: UKNIP)

A historic pub in London’s south-west was severely damaged in a fire on Friday night, London Fire Brigade said.

Emergency crews were called to the Burn Bullock in Mitcham at around 7.30pm amid reports that the London Road building was on fire.

The heritage-listed pub, which has been closed for more than 10 years, attracted emergency crews from Norbury, Wimbledon, and Tooting in 12 fire engines.

About 80 firefighters attended the scene, but despite their best efforts the building suffered significant damage in the blaze, the fire service said.

Twelve fire engines and over 80 firefighters have been deployed to tackle the inferno (Picture: UKNIP)

Half of the ground, first, and second floors of the building were damaged, while the roof of the now-derelict public house was also destroyed.

Four men were assessed on scene by London Ambulance Service crews.

Eyewitness Amzy, 18, who did not wish to share their surname and lives near the pub, told reporters: ‘I was driving on my way back from Costco going down Madeira Road when I saw a police cordon off the joining road to Cricket Green, and there was a huge amount of traffic at the time as all the cars were turning around.’

The university student continued: ‘When I got a closer view of what was happening, of the pub burning, it looked like the roof timbers were showing on the side.

The rapid spread of the flames has prompted concerns for the safety of individuals within the vicinity (Picture: UKNIP)

‘It was always aesthetically pleasing to see an old-style pub survive this far – I’m an architecture student, so it interests me even more.

‘I saw flames arising from the building which looked like it had been burning for a while, whilst firefighters had a stream of water going into it via hose.

‘I felt quite distraught to see such a nice valued building go down in flames, and I’m sure I’m not the only one that was disheartened to see that.’

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

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