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A change in government has UK investors feeling confident – London Business News |



A change in government has UK investors feeling confident – London Business News |

65% of all UK investors believe that a change in power will have a positive impact on their investments, with that figure rising to 85% amongst younger investors aged 18-44 – according to the Investor Index 2024, an annual in-depth study of UK investor behaviours, published on Monday.

Now in its 5th year, the study, conducted jointly by London-based communications agency AML Group and the research and planning experts The Nursery, polled 1100 UK adults (18+) with a minimum of £10,000 invested to gather new and robust investor insights and to track overall confidence levels.

And whilst the pending election has investors feeling optimistic, there are a number of factors that are contributing to an over-arching feeling of confidence – the highest in 5 years.

AI continues to gain traction as a go-to source for financial advice with 1:6 investors (45-54) stating that they have used ChatGPT for advice in the past year with three-quarters (75%) of all UK investors believing that ChatGPT could provide reliable financial advice in the future.

And ‘home-grown’ products have also landed well. The new British ISA announced by Jeremy Hunt as part of the 2024 Spring Budget has been embraced by UK investors. 66% of all investors polled stated that they would use the new British ISA with that figure rising to 79% among the UK’s youngest investors (18-34).

Confidence among UK investors is the highest it’s been since the study launched in 2020. The Index, based on a pre-pandemic confidence benchmark number of 100, currently sits at 105 – 17 points up from last year and 43 points up from the 2020 study that was carried out during the pandemic.

40% of UK investors have increased the amount they invested in the past 12 months with 66% looking to long term opportunities (up 10% from 2023) – with only 15% indicating that they are seeking short term investment opportunities.

“Investors have retained the self-reliance they gained navigating the past few years” says Sarah Nunneley, Senior Strategist at AML Group “with this confidence also emboldened by external market uplifts, creating not just a return in confidence, but a true revival. A new, more robust type of investor.”

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