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American fans have very little interest in a London Super Bowl



The NFL from time to time floats the possibility of a London Super Bowl. The mayor of London recently said his city wants to do that.

American football fans are not interested.

An X poll with three options — love it, hate it, and don’t care either way — has only 7.5 percent in the “love it” category.

Of more than 25,000 (so far) who responded, 73.6 percent “hate it.”

It’s hard to imagine it ever happening, especially with no NFL teams in London or anywhere beyond the U.S. It would be like America hosting the World Cup without having a national soccer team.

And it’s unclear whether it would accelerate the NFL’s global aspirations. Maybe it would, because the NFL would use the eventual London Super Bowl as a way to endlessly market the game from the moment its awarded until the confetti falls.

Regardless, American fans don’t like it. At the end of the day, however, what will we do? Not watch it?

That’s the problem. Even if/when the NFL pushes us to our limits and beyond, our only alternative is to deprive ourselves of something we love. Most of us won’t do it.

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