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An insight into the fishing sector in the UK – London Business News |



An insight into the fishing sector in the UK – London Business News |

People come to London as tourists to see all sorts of sites and attractions which the UK’s capital has to offer. These range from cultural activities like Buckingham Palace and the British Museum, to Madame Tussauds and the countless football stadiums dotted around the city. However, there is also a small fishing tourism industry growing in London. This article will discuss that while taking a look at the state of commercial fishing in the UK as a whole.

A globally popular pursuit

According to the UN, 60 million people are employed as fishermen globally, while over 200 million people go fishing for fun every year, either in their home countries or abroad. Not only do these statistics show the enduring popularity of the pastime, but we can see it in the entertainment industry too. For example, in the iGaming sector, Slingo games such as Slingo Deadliest Catch continue to be popular. Games like these allow users to play a Slingo game in a fish-themed environment, making users feel like they are in the popular TV show. Other television shows, such as River Monsters and Monster Carp, also continue to draw large audiences interested in all things fishing.

Fishing tourism in the capital

Not many visit London purely to go fishing, but there are a few, and for them, the capital comes with plenty of options. Fishers in London can take advantage of several locations, whether it be fishing on the world-famous River Thames or in different lakes dotted around the city. There’s also the option for both stillwater and canal fishing too. Hampstead Heath and Clapham Common are popular stillwater areas for beginners, while canals offer fish that prefer calmer water. In the rivers, fishers can expect to catch pike, zander, and carp among other fish.

Because of this abundance of options, there is a small tour sector growing. An option that is enticing for both newbies and experienced fishermen, these tours show people around London and run throughout the year. Along with coaches and guides who know the area inside out, they provide fishing lessons regardless of the level of the participant, along with tackle and bait. Trips like these are not only perfect for tourists who want to see the city but also for work events and team building.

The UK commercial industry

According to, the total fishing income of the UK’s fleet was £1 billion in 2022, and the sector currently contributes 0.03% to the economic output of the UK. While reports that marine fishing revenue is set to grow by 0.08% in 2024, supported by high prices as well as a consumer shift to eating seafood as part of a healthier diet. Furthermore, report the industry is experiencing growth and has secured increased fishing quotas worth millions to the sector.

IMAGO/Claudia Nass / Avalon

Fishing as a pastime remains extremely popular in the UK and dates back to the 1500s, according to some sources. While the commercial fishing sector has faced some challenges in recent years, it continues to be a productive, albeit small, part of the nation’s economy.


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