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Aurora Live Tracker: Surrey Witnesses Northern Lights Due To G5 Solar Storm



Aurora spotted in London, Surrey

Photo : Twitter

The first aurora sightings on Saturday were seen in UK’s London and Surrey. Locals posted images on social media showing glowing skies. This comes as most of the country witnessed the Northern Lights last night. The first geomagnetic storm in two decades hit the Earth on Friday, sooner than anticipated. According to forecasts, parts of the United States, Europe and even Australia will see auroras over the weekend.

Surrey and London residents were the first ones to post about aurora spottings on Saturday. “Aurora over Surrey, UK due to extreme ‘G5’ solar storm,” one person said on X, platform formerly known as Twitter.

While aurora maps showed no forecast for London, people near the UK capital spotted some signs of northern lights. In the main city, locals are still waiting to see the phenomenon.

“Anyone in London waiting to see the Northern Light tonight? I’m checking every 2s but still nothing. Maybe it’s too cloudy,” a socil media user said.

Here’s the view from Surrey:

In the United States, people will get a second chance to view auroras on Saturday evening. Northern lights, according to forecasts, might be seen as far south as Alabama. The best viewing will be across the Ohio River Valley through the Midwest and into the Pacific Northwest.

“I am going to go out and say, I don’t think it’s going to be as strong,” CNN quoted Bill Murtagh, program coordinator for the Space Weather Prediction Center, as saying. “It was extraordinary. Now we do have some more of these eruptions coming… It’s just so rare to get as strong as it was last night. However, we do expect to see more strong storming.”

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