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BCB does not know difference between UK and England?



Bangladesh Cricket Board was humbled by a silly mistake they committed on Tuesday when they couldn’t figure out the difference between the flags of the United Kingdom and England.

Fans were baffled and overseas journalists jested when they saw that the matchday tickets that went on sale on Tuesday at the Mirpur Indoor Stadium had the flag of the United Kingdom printed on it instead of the flag of England beside the Bangladesh flag.

England plays cricket under the banner of the England and Wales Cricket Board but the country uses the commonly used flag that features a red cross in the middle of a white field.
CEO of BCB, Nizamuddin Chowdhury, however, refused to acknowledge the blunder saying that it wasn’t a mistake to use one flag instead of the other when it comes to England.

“We have seen the flag issue. This isn’t really a mistake. If we had used the flag of Ireland or Scotland then it could’ve been deemed a mistake. When it comes to England, the flag of the United Kindom can be used. It is normal,” he told the reporters on Tuesday.

Despite the CEO’s attempt to make it less embarrassing, England’s ‘red-cross on white’ flag is used for their cricket team, with the ICC recognising that flag as well.

Incidents of BCB making similar mistakes in tickets are not new. In 2021, the start time of the Test match against Pakistan was printed as 10 pm instead of 10 am. In 2018, Bangladesh was spelt wrong on the tickets for the series against Sri Lanka.


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