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Belarus warns West of an ‘apocalypse’ and moves combat ready troops to NATO border



Vladimir Putin’s closest ally President Alexander Lukashenko has said that Belarus now has “several dozen” nuclear weapons and he has moved two battalions of combat ready troops to the Western NATO border.

The dictator has warned the West any confrontation will end with an “apocalypse” as he will launch the nuclear missiles, according to the Belarusian state media outlet Belta.

Lukashenko also said he has moved troops closer to the border with Poland, which comes after Warsaw announced they will house US nuclear missiles.

The tyrant said, “A couple of battalions with a readiness of three hours” have been relocated to Western Belarus, they are “now standing head-to-head with NATO.”

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Lukashenko said to justify his actions, “Washington is doing everything to drag our country into the conflict, to launch a mechanism to involve other states into it; in other words, to weaken both western Europe and eastern Europe.”

The Belarusian President said, “Nuclear deterrence – those who will push us towards it should know about it and have a rational look at the straightforward consequences of their ill-considered decisions, to put it mildly.

Earlier last week the head of the KGB of Belarus, Ivan Tertel that they prevented a drone strikes on the capital city, Minsk and surrounding areas.

Tertel said that the Belarusian security agencies prevented “attacks by combat drones from the territory of Lithuania on objects in Minsk and its suburbs.”

Lithuania has denied these allegations and Tertel added that Vilnius and Poland are allowing extremists into their countries to attack Belarus with drones.

This has been seen as Belarus trying to stoke up tensions with the West by suggesting NATO are allowing such activities to take place on their territory.

In 2023 Lukashenko confirmed that Putin had transferred nuclear weapons to Belarus including Iskander missile systems which are short-range ballistic missiles that can hit a target 500lm away that can also be armed with nuclear warheads.

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