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BitLife: How to Get The High Roller Ribbon



Out of all the careers, life paths, and pursuits available to you in BitLife, you will need to live the life of a gambler if you want to earn the High Roller Ribbon. That means spending most of your life, and its earnings, at the casino. So, if you’re hoping to add this ribbon to your collection of achievements in BitLife, you better be ready to risk it all.



Unfortunately, finishing your life with the High Roller Ribbon is more difficult than obtaining the hardest of careers in BitLife, like how to become an Astronaut. This is because you must amass a large sum of money throughout your life by wagering, and let’s just say the house isn’t always on your side.

Because you need to gamble to achieve the High Roller Ribbon, you need access to the casino in BitLife. To get that, you have to live in a country that has made gambling legal, such as Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, or Sweden. Furthermore, you have to wait until your character is an adult before you can begin gambling.

How To End With The High Roller Ribbon in BitLife

To earn the High Roller Ribbon in BitLife, you need to have over $1,000,000 in earnings from gambling at the casino. However, you must also not win too much money at the casino. If you have more than $3,000,000 in casino earnings by the end of your life, you will be awarded the Rich or Loaded Ribbon instead. So, to be safe, you should stop gambling at the casino once you’ve earned over a million dollars from it.

There are only two ways to gamble in BitLife’s casino: bet on Horse Races or play Blackjack. The latter is the more effective option, but you will still need a lot of money to get started in Blackjack. For the High Roller Ribbon, it’s recommended you start with at least $100,000. That’s because the higher you bet, the more money you earn in return, which will get you to the million-dollar mark faster.

Because you need a lot of money to get started in Blackjack, you should look into how to become a Lawyer in BitLife, as it’s one of the higher-paying jobs in the game that could fund your venture for the High Roller Ribbon.

Best Trick to Earn Money at The Casino in BitLife

You need to win over a million dollars at the casino to earn the High Roller Ribbon in Bitlife.

Although it’s not encouraged, because BitLife is a mobile game, you can cheese your way to success at the casino. The trick is to avoid pressing “continue” after losing a hand of Blackjack. Instead, close the app and re-open it to get your money back from the bet you placed. Essentially, you can just keep repeating this process until you’ve won more than $100,000,000 at the casino. Regardless of what you decide, one thing is certain: you must find a way to be on the winning side of the dice if you want to end up with the High Roller Ribbon in BitLife.

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