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BT chief warns the UK is falling behind in telecoms infrastructure – London Business News |



Scandinavian countries are significantly ahead of the UK in terms of telecoms infrastructure, Allison Kirkby, the chief executive of BT warns.

This disparity underscores the urgent need for the UK to accelerate its investments and advancements in the telecom sector to remain competitive.

The UK government needs to reconsider the current legislation surrounding the telecoms infrastructure to boost connectivity and ensure digital inclusion, aiming to bridge the digital divide gap.

Elizabeth Anderson, CEO, Digital Poverty Alliance, said, “The UK’s telecom infrastructure falling behind other European countries isn’t something we can afford to swallow which is why there’s clear work that needs to be done by the incoming government.

Understanding what steps to take is essential and we’ve launched the new Charter for Digital Inclusion and National Delivery plan to offer guidance to all sectors that aim to boost connectivity and fight digital poverty.

For the future of the those stuck in the digital divide, calling on each and every sector is the first step towards digital inclusivity.  We need to collectively help bridge the digital poverty gap and encourage the incoming government to reconsider current telecom infrastructure planning legislations to ensure connectivity is reached across the UK.”

Allison Kirkby, the chief executive of BT, told the Deloitte and Enders media and telecoms conference in London, “What I would say is Scandinavia is way ahead of the UK.

Part of that is very much driven by the regulatory environment, the planning environment and the general adoption of digital skills and digital services.”

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