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Buying London viewers horrified by house prices as they slam UK property market



The UK’s version of Selling Sunset just landed on Netflix, but unlike the LA-based series, Buying London has left viewers fuming. Fans were astonished by the value of some of the houses that were shown on the programme.

Buying London vowed to show viewers an insight into the capital’s cutthroat luxury property market. Property tycoon agent Daniel Daggers and his team of glamorous associates at DDRE Global have shed light on how much clients are willing to spend.

Taking to X, formerly known as Twitter, a flurry of angry fans expressed their thoughts. One user penned: “The houses in Selling Sunset are expensive but actually worth living in. These London ones are way over the top and outdated.”

While a second person agreed and said: “In America, that london house would be $1million at best.” A third chimed in saying: “Not enough discussion about how these houses are extremely overpriced.”

Although other users admired the beauty of the properties, they just could not justify the enormous price tag. They said: “These houses are so beautiful but if I’m paying 5-10 million on a house, I need my own space with a big yard. But then again houses are built close together there.”

“It’s so funny watching Buying London It’s so funny watching Selling OC and Selling Sunset he houses are worth the price. These London house are ugly and overpriced,”(sic) added another.

A sixth person pointed out the contrast between the show’s personalities compared to some of the huge stars who dominate similar reality shows across the pond.

Both the women and men who appear on the show have been slammed by viewers and dubbed “boring”, after failing to make a lasting impression.

A sixth user shared: “I’ve seen every Netflix series about real estate and I can say safely that Buying Londons is the most boring.

“It’s hard to believe that these ladies are selling houses. The skills are non existent and the houses are way too ugly.”

This comes after Alex Bourne, who stars on the show, has branded some of their clients “divas”.

The youngster has sold properties for anything between £1 million and £200 million, amassing a staggering portfolio of work.

The entrepreneur is extremely knowledgeable in the field after launching his own real estate agency catering to the ultra-wealthy.

In an exclusive interview with he said: “Some people are extremely divaish [but] that doesn’t come with a price tag,” he exclaimed.

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