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Children’s Museum receives Trillium grant for community space



Children’s Museum receives Trillium grant for community space

The London Children’s Museum is a step closer to welcoming children to its new location at 100 Kellogg Lane. The museum received a grant Thursday to help cover the cost of a new meeting space at its future site.

“Children need a sense of community, they need a sense of belonging, they need spaces that are tailored to how they learn and how they engage with the world around them,” said Kate Ledgley, executive director, London Children’s Museum.

The provincial government’s Ontario Trillium Foundation has announced $150,000 to go towards The Annex. It will be one of eight exhibit spaces at the museum. It’s described as a multi-purpose space to be used as an event venue for travelling exhibits, art installations, and community events.

“There’s been a renewed sense of the need for community spaces and the need to get people together again,” said Amelia Sloan, Ontario Trillium Foundation representative. “Together again enjoying each other, friends, community.”

London North Centre MPP Terence Kernaghan was also on hand for the announcement. He told the gathering that his first job was at the Children’s Museum.

The future London Children’s Museum at 100 Kellogg Lane in London, Ont. (Bryan Bicknell/CTV News London)

He said he’s happy to see the new project flourishing.

“Great to see this vision coming together,” he said. “Something that was put on hold throughout the pandemic while materials costs went through the roof, but Londoners have really gotten behind this project.”

The Annex was designed with the input of more than 500 children and their families, according to Emily Schinbein, chair of the London Children’s Museum Board of Directors.

“I think they’re going to be wowed by this space,” she said. “If they’ve come to our old one they’ve had a great time, they’ve had wonderful experiences, learned through play, and then they come here it’s just going to blow their mind.”

The new museum comes with a price tag of $23 million. Museum officials say $19 million has been secured so far.

The museum is moving from its existing location on Wharncliffe Road, where it has been located since 1982.

Construction of the new space is expected to be complete by fall of 2024.

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