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Cryptomania arrives on iOS: leading crypto trading simulator now available for Apple users – London Business News |



Cryptomania arrives on iOS: leading crypto trading simulator now available for Apple users – London Business News |

 Cryptomania, a popular crypto trading simulator, has finally landed on iOS. First launched on Android in 2017, Cryptomania quickly became a favorite among aspiring traders thanks to its user-friendly interface, comprehensive educational content, and engaging in-app activities.

About Cryptomania: Cryptomania stands out as a top crypto trading simulator, offering a safe space for users to learn the ins and outs of cryptocurrency trading without any financial risks.

In Cryptomania, users can:

  • Explore top-traded cryptocurrencies without risking real money.
  • Engage in competitive trading tournaments against fellow traders.
  • Take on challenges designed to hone their trading skills.
  • Invest in virtual real estate across the globe, creating a transcontinental property empire.

This leading educational crypto trading simulator is crafted to introduce new traders to the world of cryptocurrencies while providing seasoned traders with a secure platform to test and refine their strategies.

Cryptomania proudly supports a player base exceeding 5 million users. Its success is rooted in its comprehensive approach to crypto education, making the learning process enjoyable and engaging.

User’s feedback from Google Play

“I can honestly recommend this app to any person who has no knowledge of crypto dealings. It is a wonderful training app without the rigmaroles of the other so-called “in-app trading” apps. Here you can see what is happening on the ground level, and grow your knowledge from there. Best app I’ve ever found on any platform, and I promise you, I have tried quite a lot!”

With the launch on iOS, Cryptomania is now accessible to a wider audience, allowing iOS users to enjoy risk-free crypto trading. This expansion means that both Android and iOS users can now improve their trading skills without the worry of financial loss.


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