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English Premier League sells domestic TV rights for record $8.45 billion for next cycle



The English Premier League (EPL) has recently signed a record deal worth $8.45 billion with Sky Sports and TNT Sports (formerly BT Sport) for the domestic TV rights deal for the next four-year cycle. This is the largest media rights deal ever to be concluded in the United Kingdom, as per the league.

This contract on the overside has cemented the position of the English Premier League as the richest football league in the world, with an annual figure of $2.12 billion to be received for a four-year period.

This is almost double of what major leagues in Germany, Spain, and Italy make annually. The contract will run from the 2025–26 season up to the 2028–29 season.

Sky Sports will be broadcasting the majority of the games, with a minimum of 215 matches per season, while TNT Sports will get 52 games. For Sky Sports, they will be broadcasting 100 more games a season than they currently do because of the new contract.

However, the Saturday 3 PM blackout will still be in effect, but every Sunday 2 PM kick-off will be broadcasted.

What is the blackout rule?

The Saturday 3 PM blackout is the rule that no EPL, Football Association (FA), or any lower division matches are to be broadcast live on Saturday between 2:45 pm and 5:15 pm. This rule was set in the 1960s because the televised matches would negatively impact the attendance of lower leagues.

Amazon Prime used to show 20 matches per season in the current cycle up to the 2024–25 season, but did not bid for any matches in the next cycle, as per reports. According to reports, the current contract is worth $2.10 billion each season.

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