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Horse Racing

Four injured by blood-covered runaway horses in London



Bobbie Pryor, a travel presenter for BBC Radio Two, said she contemplated throwing herself in the path of two of the runaway horses

She recounted witnessing the horses charging through the street outside Charing Cross station as she was on her morning commute. 

She told Jeremy Vine’s lunchtime radio programme: “As I looked to the left I saw two horses coming towards me, I ran just to get across the road.

“It was coming at such a speed, I thought, I need to stop those horses, I need to stop those horses but they are huge and coming at speed. 

Asked by Jeremy Vine how she would have attempted to stop them, she replied: “I have been around horses before but normally you try and put yourself in the way, if it is safe to do so. 

“There was a clear road ahead and I was thinking if I don’t stop them they are going to go straight into those buses up there and that is really upsetting. 

“Also you can’t get in the way, in the fact at least they are running in a straight line, you have got people either side, you have got glass windows, you could create a worse situation. 

“At least if they run for a bit they may be able to run out of breath.” 

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