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FTSE 100 hits all time high



The FTSE 100 has hit and all time high as shares rally as it surpassed the previous intraday of 8,047.06 from February 2023.

There is continued signs that geopolitical tensions are easing with economic conditions making gains which has left investors on a high.

On Monday the blue chip index hit a record high closing at 8,023.87 and in early trading on Tuesday amongst those making gains is retailers and financial stock which saw the FTSE 100 rise by more than 1.6%, just a small handful of stocks made losses this morning.

Lindsay James, investment strategist at Quilter Investors, said, “With economic growth still lagging for many of its G7 peers, the UK has turned this to its strength in the fight against inflation, which last month fell below that of the US and saw Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey announce that this data shows the UK is ‘pretty much on track’ with the central bank’s forecasts.”

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