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Giant Tennis Ball Billboards Launch Sky Sports Dedicated Tennis Channel | LBBOnline



As part of the launch campaign for the brand-new dedicated Tennis channel, Sky Sports has unveiled an innovative, 3D OOH campaign. The activations are a physical representation of the emotion evoked by live tennis in an immersive way. The campaign features two key activations; Tennis Ball Frame and Tennis Ball Tube in key OOH locations.

In the first activation, a tennis ball fence was located in Vinegar Yard in the corner of Snowfields & St Thomas St, London SE13TF, as a bespoke billboard structure measuring 6.2m x 2.4m and featured a 3D tennis ball with a diameter of 1.3m that appeared to be stuck in a fence. This was inspired by a true human insight whereby playing tennis as a child, a lot of us can remember our balls getting stuck in the fence. Sky Sports have blown this up in direct eyeline of the Shard. 

For the second activation, a 3D tennis ball tube was located at Pump Station, Westfield London, and comprised of a tennis ball tube as a 2D cut out measuring 9.9m x 3.2 with a 3D Ball & 3D Lid measuring 2.3m in diameter.  The concept is designed to create a tangible, 3D interaction with the tennis balls synonymous with the sport.  The traditional billboard space was supplemented by a tennis ball tube, with a 3D ball bursting out to show tennis has arrived on Sky Sports.

Dave Stratton, director of marketing for Sky Sports commented, “this is a new, dedicated Tennis channel which will bring fans more of the sport they love. We’ve strived to ensure cut through with bold work which brings to life tennis iconography that will resonate with everyone who loves watching and playing the game. The channel is innovative, bold and fresh, and I think we’ve served up a campaign which delivers on those attributes.”

Rob Welch, creative director for Sky Creative commented, “We wanted to put something impactful out there for the public to enjoy for real.”

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