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Giving back to the community: London, Ont.’s Shaedon Sharpe to sponsor drop-in basketball program



If basketball is your game or you’re just looking to get some exercise, the launch of a new drop-in basketball program at Carling Heights Optimist Community Centre, and sponsored by London’s Shaedon Sharpe, might just be the event for you.

According to the City of London, the Shaedon Sharpe Drop-In Basketball Program will kick off at Carling Heights Optimist Community Centre beginning Jan. 19. The free program will be offered every Friday from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m., and is opened to youths between the ages of 10 to 17.

The program is being sponsored by NBA star and Londoner Shaedon Sharpe, who wants to give back to his hometown.

“When I was growing up, some of my best childhood memories were hanging with my friends and shooting hoops on a Friday night. I knew if I ever went pro, I wanted to make sure kids in my hometown had a safe place to hang out and have fun while playing basketball, whether they were just starting out or taking their game to the next level,” said Sharpe.

Sharpe added that it’s “amazing” he’s in a position to give back to the community, and hopes he can help inspire the next generation of basketball players to come out of London.

“This sponsorship, a testament to Sharpe’s commitment to community development, is a source of pride for the City of London and a shining example of the positive impact athletes can have on their hometowns,” said Mayor Josh Morgan.

The city advises interested participants that space is limited and registration is required for the sessions. For more information and to register for upcoming sessions, you can visit the City of London website

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