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Having a Mayor: Hustings… what hustings?



Having a Mayor follows the thrills, spills, faffs and gaffes of the 2024 race for mayor of London, with BBC London’s Karl Mercer, Tim Donovan and Susana Mendonça discussing the latest issues, debates, candidates, campaigns and more.

This week, our panel turn their attention to hustings – what are they, why are they important, and why are they being attended so rarely by the candidates this year?

The trio also dissect the manifestos of Labour and the Liberal Democrats, while searching for the Conservative offering, which has puzzlingly still not been released.

We would like to hear your questions about the mayoral election, your thoughts, observations and – don’t be shy – your rants. WhatsApp the team on 08000 321 333 starting the message with “London”. Or email, external

This programme was recorded on Thursday 18 April

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