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Here are London’s summer construction hotspots | CBC News



It is another record-breaking year for construction in London, Ont., and that means drivers will be faced with several disruptions while navigating the roads this summer.

This construction projects will focus on upgrading underground infrastructure and building better connections, according to the City of London’s 2024 Top 10 projects report. The city is spending $270 million on 89 km of reconstructed roads, 18 km of new bike lanes, 16 km of new sidewalks and more than 12 km of replaced or added sewers.

“We have a whole slew of stuff that is part of keeping up with our infrastructure and making sure we’re taking care of our infrastructure gaps,” said Jennie Dann, director of construction and infrastructure services at the City of London. 

The city is working on 25 projects that will affect key roads and 21 on local roads during the 2024 construction season. 

“We try to encourage [drivers] to be kind and be patient with themselves and fellow drivers on the road – and think forward to the great infrastructure that we’re going to be building,” said Dann. “This is what we need to keep our city sustainable and reliable.”

Dann recommends that Londoners keep up with construction updates through the city’s website, plan ahead for delays and look for alternate routes. 

Here are some of the new major construction projects Londoners will encounter over the summer.

York Street and Wellington Street Infrastructure Renewal Project

Drivers on Wellington Road will need to navigate reduced lanes throughout the summer and beyond. (Kendra Seguin)

Londoners who travel downtown daily will already be familiar with construction at York and Wellington streets. 

“It’s not just about the above-ground work that people driving through will see, but we’re also working to upgrade our underground, aging infrastructure,” said Dann. 

While people driving between traffic barrels may see the upgrades to the road, construction crews are also working below the surface on the city’s sewers. They are separating the combined storm and sanitary sewers that — when overwhelmed — can lead to untreated wastewater entering the Thames River. 

Construction crews will work in sections, making changes on York from Clarence Street to Wellington Street throughout 2024. 

Fanshawe Park Road and Richmond Street Intersection Improvements

It is still a busy construction site at the intersection of Fanshawe Park Road and Richmond Street near Masonville Place. The project, which began last year, aims to increase road safety, add bike paths and sidewalks, and upgrade underground infrastructure. 

Lane restrictions will continue between both ends of North Centre Road and drivers are being encouraged to zipper merge when approaching the reductions. 

Dann said the project is in its final phase and is set to wrap up in the fall. 

Bus Rapid Transit Projects

A gate blocks off the pathway under a bridge. A sign with a map shows the detour that people should take.
Drivers are not the only ones affected by construction. Cyclists and pedestrians will need to take a detour along the Thames Valley Parkway. (Kendra Seguin)

London continues to work toward its rapid transit system.

This summer, construction crews will widen Clark’s Bridge, which will result in lane restrictions for drivers. Pedestrians and cyclists will also face a new challenge: access to a portion of the Thames Valley Parkway will also be closed. Detour signs will guide those travelling on the path.

“We encourage them to look for signage when they’re passing through construction zones,” said Dann. “Try to manoeuvre carefully and navigate your way through construction sites.”

Work is also continuing on phases two and three of the East London Link, which Dann said are “major for people to continue to be aware of.” Construction started in Old East Village at the start of the month, leading to road closures on Dundas, Ontario and King streets. Crews will also continue widening the road along Highbury Avenue North between Oxford Street and north of the Highbury Avenue overpass. 

Colonel Talbot Road Upgrades

Construction on Colonel Talbot Road is one of several upgrades needed because of the city’s population growth. This project, between Southdale Road West and James Street, will convert the current rural road to an urban road with curbs and a gutter.

For pedestrians and bikers, the project also involves completing sidewalks, installing boulevard bike baths and adding new streetlights. 

Detours will be implemented during full road closures. 

Oxford Street West and Gideon Drive Intersection Improvements

A roundabout is coming to the Oxford Street West and Gideon Drive intersection. The new roundabout will include cycling tracks, sidewalks and pedestrian crossings on all four approaches. Construction crews will also repair and replace underground infrastructure in the area. 

Work on this project will begin in the summer and last throug the fall. 

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