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How to successfully kill a world boss in Diablo 4



Killing a world boss in Diablo 4 is highly challenging and you cannot do it alone. Depending on your character build, armor, and weapons available, you can have different advantages to help you eradicate a world boss.

Three world bosses are available to conquer at five different locations throughout the game a half hour before the world boss event begins. The bosses are Ashava the Pestilent, The Wandering Death, and Avarice the Gold-Cursed. Once defeated, the bosses will leave behind similar loot each time they are killed. However, there may be some out-of-the-ordinary unique items dropped on certain occasions.

Here are the things that you should keep in mind when you are working to get loot from an eradicated world boss.

  • Complete the campaign.
  • The 15-minute time limit.
  • Up to 12 players can participate in a world boss battle.
  • Have a balance between offense and defense.

Complete the campaign

Before you can start killing world bosses in the open online world, you must first complete the campaign. It includes a prologue, an epilogue, and six other acts.

You can choose to do the first through third acts in any order that you choose. Then, you will need to complete the fourth, fifth, and sixth acts in sequential order. The last three acts are faster to complete than the first three. However, the fifth act is the longest out of the last three.

Finishing the campaign can take some time depending on how long you are devoting each day to the game. It is estimated that you may have to spend up to 30 hours to successfully finish the campaign.

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Taking a gamble playing Blackjack is almost like the chance you are taking to eradicate a world boss. How you calculate your attacks based on how the boss acts in battle will be the segue of victory or defeat.

The 15-minute time limit

When a world boss event starts, you have 15 minutes to kill the enemy or it will disappear without dropping its loot. Depending on your character level and equipment, you can possibly eradicate the boss within that 15-minute limit.

However, you should always consider having other players as backup. Especially if you have a team of balanced character builds, the combination of far and close-range attacks can enhance the advantage you all have in conquering the world boss.

Up to 12 players can participate in a world boss battle

A maximum of 12 players can join in a world boss battle. The more help that you have, the quicker you can finish the battle. Enlist the help of online friends to help you with this task and, hopefully, some other online players will jump in to assist. As soon as you and the other players are ready, the 15-minute timer begins.

Have a balance between offense and defense

Get as close as you can to the world boss to land a blow while keeping a far enough distance when it makes its largest attack. Keep moving throughout the battlefield at all times. Staying still for even a second when you are not attacking can be your downfall if you end up in the crossfire of a world boss’s sweeping attack. Hence, having the perfect balance between offense and defense no matter your character build is essential for success.


Engaging in a fight with world bosses will help you test your strategy and focus in combat against a formidable enemy stronger than you. Hence, the best strength is in numbers to successfully kill a world boss in Diablo 4. Rage on, warriors!

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