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‘I love tennis’: Lindor marvels at Wimbledon during London trip



Francisco Lindor might’ve been in London on a work trip, but he still took time to be a tourist – and maybe even imagine himself as a star in another sport.

Of all the attractions Lindor and his Mets teammates got to visit while in town last week for their two-game series against the Phillies at London Stadium, perhaps the most exciting for him was a trip to the famed Wimbledon tennis complex.

“I love tennis. I love watching,” he said during his visit. “I have so much respect for the athletes.”

Lindor, who has previously been to the Washington (D.C.) Open, the Miami Open and the U.S. Open, got a tour of the Wimbledon complex and museum, learning about the history of the grounds.

“It’s beautiful. … It’s definitely special,” he said. “If I was a tennis player, I would definitely want to be here.”

He even found similarities to one of baseball’s hallowed spots.

“This looks like Fenway Park,” he said while walking through the concourse toward Centre Court, the main court used for The Championships at Wimbledon.

Lindor also took in an exhibit of tennis star Coco Gauff, an athlete for whom he has much admiration.

“Coco’s fantastic,” Lindor said. “She’s a great human being and super, super down to earth, and the world is going to be hers.”

Though Lindor said he’s not played much tennis, the Wimbledon visit gave him the opportunity to hit some balls on one of the grass courts. He even got to try a famous Wimbledon strawberry.

All in all, it was time well spent for a tennis fan.

“Wimbledon was amazing. I had such a good time,” Lindor said. “Played a little bit of tennis – obviously not as good as the guys are around here – but still, it was fun.”

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