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Inspired Bunkering Delivers ‘Links’ Experience At London’s Newest Golf Course



With an investment of more than £700,000 for 65+ bunkers and over 600 square metres of bunker face, it’s fair to say that inspired wedge play could be an important factor when navigating London’s newest golf course. But while visitors to the Inspiration Club might have to sharpen up their short game, the course that is Inspired by the best links from around the world will provide a fair test for every level of golfer.

“We decided on a links inspired course because of the nature of the land, and the proximity of RAF Northolt,” said owner and co-designer of the Inspiration Club Tony Menai-Davis. “The site was flat farmland and because of the airfield we were restricted on the number of trees we could plant. The answer we came up with was to shape the terrain and defend the course with clever run offs and tricky bunkering, in the style of the best links courses.”

“We worked alongside a fantastic team to lay out the shape of the course and then brought in specialists to help with greens, bunkers and tees,” continues Tony. “Links specialists Mackenzie and Ebert really put their stamp on the green complexes and approaches while EcoBunker Ltd have done an incredible job with the course’s main defence – the bunkers.”

Richard Allen, CEO of EcoBunker

The team at the Inspiration first brought in EcoBunker in 2021 for a three phase project. A team of 5 builders from EcoBunker were on site for up to three months in each phase, completing over 600 square metres of revetted bunker face and bunker shaping just over a year later.

“We’re incredibly proud of this project,” commented Richard Allen, CEO of EcoBunker. “The bunkering plays such an important part of the make up of the Inspiration. The revetting will become one of the most memorable features of the course and helps to give it a real links inspired feel.”

“I’m 6’4 and some of these bunkers are above my head, so we had to employ clever techniques to give the desired finish and stability,” continues Richard. “We used the patented EcoBunker Advanced system which incorporates a slim artificial grass faced wall with a strengthened backfill of cement modified soil. By slimming down the wall cross section we actually deliver 40% more structural stability, which is especially important for very high walls like those at The Inspiration. The walls are also 100% recycled material. They’re made from reclaimed artificial grass sports fields and are also recyclable themselves. We pride ourselves on our technology and our sustainable credentials and this project has given us the chance to showcase them all.”

And while strategic bunkering will provide a test for any golfer going off line, playability and enjoyment has been at the heart of the course design from day one, as Tony concludes.

“The Inspiration will be an inclusive course that welcomes every golfer, so we really need to balance the test of golf with golfers’ experience of the course. Our ability based tees will provide a unique test for golfers of different abilities, and whatever your level, the course rewards good shots and thoughtful course management. But we also want people to know some of the challenges that a links style course should provide – and that includes some really challenging bunkers! “

The Inspiration Club opens to the public on 1st June 2024. The Inspiration Club is the third golf course in the growing portfolio of the family-owned Bridgedown Golf Group.  The Menai-Davis family has a proven track record of creating worldclass golf experiences that are inclusive and affordable.  They are the only British family to have built multiple courses in the UK; The Shire – home to The Golf Trust, The West London Golf Centre and The Inspiration Club, with much anticipated Legacy course scheduled to open in 2025. 

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