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Islamic Symbols Display On London Eye And Above UK City Buses During Ramadan? Truth Behind Viral Video



The viral video showing Islamic symbols displayed in London’s busiest spots and buses is not real and created using special effects. (Image Credits: IG/ Islamic Relief UK)

A video has been doing rounds on social sites showing Islamic symbols being displayed on the London Eye Mark, above the city’s iconic red double-decker buses as well as at the VIP grounds outside the United Kingdom’s Parliament. The video comes as the Muslim population in England celebrates the holy Ramadan with many questioning it as an attempt to ‘conquer’ the UK’s financial capital. However, the claims made by those circulating the viral footage are found to be untrue. The video originally shared by an NGO named Islamic Relief UK was produced using special effects in the charity’s efforts to bolster Islam in the country.

Disclaimer: The video of the Islamic symbol on the busiest London city’s spot is edited and does not represent events as claimed.

The video of Islamic symbols on London’s high street that went viral online was originally posted two days ago by Islamic Relief UK on its official Instagram handle. Reports suggest that the purpose of the footage was to spread the word of Islam and promote the religion during the Ramadan celebrations.

Within hours of its posting the video generated millions of views online shared by different social media handles. One of the users who shared it on X with a caption, “What the hell is going on in London?” garnered 2.2 million views till the time this report was published.

The footage however was digitally altered to add the holographic imagery. As technology develops, it is currently limited to creating small-scale holographic visuals within controlled surroundings.

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