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Jaguars fans put NFL reporter in his place for ridiculous London take



The Jacksonville Jaguars have been the subject of relocation chatter for years. They put down all hearsay to rest when the news broke that they had struck a deal for renovations to EverBank Field and will be announcing it soon. While some were glad that the Jags found a way to stay in Jacksonville for years to come, Jason LaCanfora of CBS Sports chose to double down on a moronic take he shared in the early 2010s.

LaCanfora said in 2013 that the Jags were the frontrunners to relocate to London. He asked for everyone to get back to in 2021, and tell him how things played out. Jaguars fans took him at his word, wasting no time showing him that they’re not going anywhere.

He could’ve taken the news with grace and accepted that he had come up with a bad take like most rational people would. However, he doubled down, telling fans that the COVID-19 pandemic was the reason they didn’t relocate.

Even before the pandemic, there were no strong indications the Jaguars were moving from London. The chatter originated mostly because they’ve agreed to play a game overseas yearly. It intensified last year when they began to appear in back-to-back contests. What many observers failed to notice is that only one of those games was a home game, the other was counted as away.

But that didn’t stop talking heads from discussing the idea of the Jaguars potentially relocating. This was odd when you take into account that they had already unveiled their renovation plans in June 2023.

The NFL owners still need to approve the plan, but as Gene Frenette of the Florida Times-Union pointed out, it’s highly unlikely that the Jaguars and the city of Jacksonville negotiated a deal that didn’t have a chance of passing.

The Jaguars have been the butt of jokes for years. Some of it is due to because of their inability to consistently win games. It doesn’t help that they play in a small market, which makes them a not-so-appealing option for primetime. That’s why people like Jason LaCanfora will never pass up the chance to make a joke at their expense. Having said that, some of the flak is not deserved, especially the one directed at the fans.

You will hear how the Jags have no fans but the truth is that they do, and pretty loyal ones at that. Critics will point to their lack of attendance at home games as proof but like any other team, fans won’t show up to see them if they aren’t very good. Back in 2022 and even most of 2023, they sold out because they were among the hottest teams in the league.

The Jaguars faded down the stretch in 2023 and that affected the demand for tickets, but the point is that fans will show up to root for them if they’re good. They won’t if they’re bad. That’s not a complex concept to grasp, right?

If anything, the Jaguars will sell out games next season. Besides having secured a deal for renovations, they’ve made several important upgrades to their roster. Put the two together and fans will gladly attend home games at the Bank, even if LaCanfora thinks it’s unfathomable.

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