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Jet powered by PW800 engines wraps transatlantic trip using 100% SAF



In a fillip for cleaner aviation technology, the milestone of completing a transatlantic flight exclusively utilizing sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) was achieved by Pratt & Whitney Canada and Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation. 

The feat was done using a Gulfstream G600 business jet equipped with two Pratt & Whitney PW800 series engines, which were customized to run on SAF. The companies’ transatlantic flight aimed to demonstrate the functionality of the engine and the aircraft in a fully operational setting to support future specifications for 100 percent SAF. 

It is expected that efforts like this will become critical in achieving net-zero CO2 emissions for aviation in the coming decades, which will be a more sustainable future. “Future 100 percent SAF operational approval will add to the versatility, reliability, and fuel efficiency of the PW815GA engine to benefit Gulfstream and our customers,” said Anthony Rossi, vice president of sales & marketing at Pratt & Whitney Canada, in a statement.   

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