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Karnataka IT minister meets Arm Holdings executive at London Tech Week



Karnataka IT minister Priyank Kharge met a top executive of semiconductor company Arm Holdings at London Tech Week to discuss the company’s plans in the State on Monday. He discussed semiconductor manufacturing, the global startup ecosystem, exchange programmes on innovation, and more, a statement from his office said.

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Kharge met Peter Stephens, director of government partnerships at Arm Holdings. In India, the company has offices in Bengaluru and Noida.
Arm Holdings headquartered in Cambridge, primarily operates in the semiconductor, microprocessor, graphic processing unit (GPU) and neural processing unit (NPU) designs. The company builds CPU technology which is said to be the future of computing. They license the instruction sets for modern chips to various partners, who then customise it to suit their applications. They have an annual turnover of $3.23 billion.

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