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Kate Middleton will only see Prince Harry in London on 1 condition: royal expert



Kate Middleton most likely won’t cross paths with estranged brother-in-law, Prince Harry, during his trip to the UK — unless a certain someone pressures her to.

The Princess of Wales, 42, will only agree to the meeting on one condition: if the order comes from King Charles III.

Prince Harry at an event for the Invictus Games in London on May 7 Getty Images for The Invictus Games Foundation
Kate Middleton and Prince William in London on November 21, 2023 via REUTERS

“The King asks, she will do it, but Charles being the sensitive and understanding soul he is, would be unlikely to ask such a favour from his adored daughter-in-law,” Ingrid Seward told The Mirror.

“The time must be right, and it is not right now,” the royal expert added.

Kate Middleton and King Charles III are both battling cancer AP

Harry, 39, has returned to his home country this week for the 10th anniversary of his Invictus Games.

He has not seen Kate since she publicly revealed her cancer diagnosis last month.

The Duke of Sussex did, however, fly to the UK after learning of his father’s own cancer diagnosis in February.

Harry’s rep already confirmed to The Post that Harry will not be meeting up with Charles, 75, in London due to the King’s “full” schedule. However, according to royal commentator Charlotte Griffiths, Harry also proved to be “very difficult” and had “certain demands” if he met with the monarch.

Prince Harry onstage at the Invictus Games Foundation Conversation event in London on May 7 Getty Images for The Invictus Games Foundation

Since moving to the US with his wife, Meghan Markle, and their two children, Harry has been estranged from his family — including older brother Prince William.

Seward told The Mirror that it’s “highly unlikely” William, 41, will want to see his younger sibling when he’s in town.

Kate Middleton and Prince William during a visit to Slough, England on May 8, 2023 AP

“William has enough going on and doesn’t need the stress,” she explained. “But he might realize Harry will want to see Kate after her cancer diagnosis as they were once so close.”

Seward continued, “It remains to be seen if Kate is willing and able to face up to it. Does she have the energy to begin to try and heal the rift between the brothers or will she prefer to remain in the background?”

Harry is reportedly staying in a hotel room during his time in the UK after the royals failed to offer up any of their many residences.

He had similar accommodations during his blink-and-you-miss-it trip to London in February.

Prince Harry celebrating the Invictus Games in London on May 7 Getty Images for The Invictus Games Foundation

At the time, the duke had a brief meeting with his father, who was diagnosed with cancer following his stay in the hospital where he received treatment for an enlarged prostate.

Harry didn’t meet up with William or Kate during his 24-hour solo stint in the UK.

One month after Harry’s trip, Kate revealed her health woes to the world in a heartbreaking pre-recorded video. She shared that doctors discovered her cancer during a planned abdominal surgery in January.

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