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Labour calls on Tata Steel to keep furnaces running – London Business News |



The Labour Party has called on Tata Steel to keep the furnaces running until after the 4 July general election as thousands of jobs are at risk.

Tata Steel are moving to greener production and will end up using electric arc furnaces which requires far less workers.

Labour have called on Tata to delay closing the furnaces until after the election as they believe that there “could be some sort of deal” done as then fresh talks can take place.

The Shadow Welsh Secretary Jo Stevens, said she was “convinced” that a Labour government can arrange a deal, PA news agency reported.

“We wouldn’t be here if we didn’t think there could be some sort of deal,” Stevens said.

“What we have said to Tata all along is please don’t make any irreversible decisions before the General Election.

“And that means not switching off the blast furnace, which is due to happen at the end of this month.

“We want them to look at the union plan again, we want to talk to them, they know that we have our green steel fund ready to go, that will be there to support Welsh steel workers and steel workers across the United Kingdom to ensure a smooth transition to decarbonised steel.”

Vaughan Gething, the Welsh Labour leader said that he believes that 4 July general election has created an “opportunity.”

Gething said that there is now a “very real prospect” that there will be a Labour government who has a “different agenda” to a Tory government.

He said, “This is about the future of all of us in Wales and Britain and it’s right that we are here today.”

He added, “Suggesting that there would be a reduction in the redundancy offer is not something that my government could support, I will be clear with the company when I meet them shortly.”

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