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Labour’s anti-driver policies are on their way, warns FairFuelUK – London Business News |



Labour’s anti-driver policies are on their way, warns FairFuelUK – London Business News |

If you drive for business, work, hospital visits, education, or leisure, be aware that Labour’s net zero politburo is looming. Please don’t believe that they say they support the UK’s 37 million drivers.

As their Hans Christian Anderson Manifesto says, they are telling porky pies about supporting motorists. There will be more anti-driver policies based on fairy-tale science they are brainwashed by.

Prepare for the imposition of nanny state bans and restrictions that will not only halt your vehicle usage but also make it financially unviable to continue.

This directly infringes on your freedom of travel choice and independence, clearly violating your democratic rights.

My good friends at the Alliance of British Drives and the Motorcycle Action Group showed, through independent research by the CEBR, that the ban on selling new diesel and petrol cars from 2030 would cost five times more than the hypothetical environmental benefit. That’s why Rishi Sunak moved it to 2035.

That is one good thing he has done, even though dumping the policy completely is what FairFuelUK has always called for, which is backed by hundreds of the recent Tory MPs.

But the numpties in Labour ignore the economics and are happy to put huge costs onto each and every one of us to save the planet, allegedly.

FairFuelUK with Reform UK will campaign hard from now on to scrap this ill-conceived ban, which will destroy British jobs.

A better win-win is possible: new technology will provide cleaner engines, cleaner fuel, and lower emissions while preserving British jobs and boosting British industry. But Labour is too stupid to incentivise technology; no, they are wedded to nanny state bans; it’s in their political DNA.”

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