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Lack of trust is the main reason why people will not vote in the general election – London Business News |



More than half (52%) of GB adults stating that they would not vote in the next General Election in a newly published YouGov poll cited “a lack of trust in politics generally” as their key reason.

The results build on previous polls showing plummeting trust levels among the electorate and reveal the connection between lack of trust and likelihood to vote.

The polling was carried out for the Trust and Citizens report, published today June 3 by the Sortition Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation delivering citizens assemblies globally.

The report launches the 858 campaign to replace the House of Lords with a rolling citizens’ assembly or House of Citizens.

Sortition Foundation Director James Robertson said, “Rock-bottom trust levels will deter people from voting in the next election.

“The good news is that British people trust each other nearly five times more than their MPs to make decisions in their best interests. Citizens’ assemblies are a key way we can restore trust in our political system.”

The polling, which was carried out two years running, shows that replacing the House of Lords with a rolling citizens’ assembly is the most popular option for House of Lords reform (24%), over and above other options including: replacing it with an elected chamber (18%) abolishing it completely (14%) removing hereditary peers (11%) and replacing it with regional representatives (5%).

Robertson added, “Politicians make all kinds of promises at election time, but when they’re held to account by their cronies in the Lords, faith in them to deliver will remain low.

“A House of Citizens, selected like a jury, would ensure politicians keep their word and deliver for ordinary people.”

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