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London bio-tech company focused on detecting colorectal cancer receives $500,000 in funding



London bio-tech company focused on detecting colorectal cancer receives 0,000 in funding

A London company has received $500,000 in funding from the province to aid in the development of new healthcare technology.

Part of the province’s $15 million Life Sciences Innovation Fund, Tenomix Inc. is the lucky recipient of the funding, a company that is using robotics, AI and machine learning to improve the manner in which cancer tissues are processed in labs.

According to Tenomix’s website, presently the search for colorectal cancer tissue can be painstakingly slow, requiring pathology staff to search for lymph nodes by hand, and creating gaps for smaller nodes to be missed due to human error. They’re presently working on a robotic device which allows for lymph nodes to be identified quickly and reliably.

“The Life Sciences Innovation Fund demonstrates Ontario’s commitment to advancing the life sciences sector,” said Claudia Krywiak, President and CEO of the Ontario Centre of Innovation. “The achievements to date underscore the importance of strategic investment in fostering innovation, economic growth, and societal impact. OCI remains committed to fostering a vibrant and dynamic ecosystem that supports ground-breaking research, commercialization, and job creation.”

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