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London Business School Triumphs In The MBA Olympics



London Business School MBA students celebrate their victory in the 2024 MBAT competition

Pride. That was the prevailing sentiment among the 263 London Business School (LBS) students at the final gala night awards ceremony of this year’s MBAT. After nearly a decade of near misses, the 2024 LBS team finally secured the top spot.

The MBA Tournament (MBAT), also known as the MBA Olympics, is the pinnacle of international sports competitions for Europe’s top business schools. Spanning three days, the event combines sporting competitions, networking, and social activities at HEC Paris. This year’s 33rd edition, coinciding with the Paris Olympics 2024, took on added significance. The event drew 1,650 students from 15 top business schools across Europe – including Oxford Saïd, Cambridge Judge Business School, IE, ESADE, and IMD – to HEC Paris’s campus. The range of sports expanded dramatically this year, with 45 sports on offer, up from 25 the previous year.

As a first-year MBA student and former national swimmer for Singapore, I was tasked with leading the LBS MBAT team. Drawing on my experience from international sports competitions equipped me to cultivate a new spirit of enthusiasm into our school’s efforts. Preparation began six months prior, with our MBAT Leadership Team setting a clear vision and communication strategy. We established team captains for all 45 sports, conducted tryouts, managed rosters, sourced sponsors, procured t-shirt merchandise, and coordinated logistics – all while keeping the team aligned with our goal to win.


Our team mantra for MBAT 2024, “One LBS,” symbolized unity across all programs, nationalities, and sports. It reminded us that every member and every point contributed to our common goal: bringing the trophy home. Once our “One LBS” message took hold, it created a powerful ripple effect. Immense credit goes to all the team captains who, once the structure was established, ensured seamless coordination and preparedness across the board. Our team was well-trained and ready for the challenges ahead.

The three days of competition were an overwhelming success for LBS, with our participants and the dedicated LBS cheer squad delivering stellar performances. We excelled in various team sports, demonstrating superior collective skills and outperforming our rivals. One highlight for me was the men’s basketball final against IE. With over 100 supporters chanting ‘L-B-S, L-B-S!’ from the stands, our team went on an impressive scoring spree. Basketball team captain Grayson Carroll was especially remarkable, sinking multiple three-pointers to secure a solid lead. The game concluded with the final score standing at 38 – 23 to LBS.

Other standout moments were the incredible performances of Conor Slaven and Sydney Crombie, who competed in 7 and 6 sports events respectively, for our male and female teams. Together, they won a total of 10 medals, embodying the true LBS spirit of relentless drive and competitive excellence. Their exceptional versatility and commitment were key to our overall victory and demonstrated why LBS was so successful at the MBAT.


LBS claimed victory at MBAT with a total of 59 medals: 32 gold, 15 silver, and 12 bronze. Our champions clinched gold in a variety of events, including Beach Volleyball, Billiards, Chess, Cricket, Flag Football, Men’s Basketball, Men’s Crossfit, Men’s Cross Country, Men’s Touch Rugby, Mixed Tennis Doubles, Rowing, Swimming, Team Spartan Race, Track & Field, Tug-of-war, Ultimate Frisbee, Women’s Football, Women’s Steinhold, and Women’s Touch Rugby. They were particularly dominant in the water, gaining 12 out of a possible 15 gold medals for swimming.

LBS MBA Programme Director, Helen Foley, had high praise for the winning team, commenting:

“After a few years out of the running, we are so thrilled to have had London Business School secure victory at MBAT this year! The level of enthusiasm and dedication by our world-class, student-led MBAT team has been exemplary, showcasing the very best of LBS. We know our students are always committed to being rigorous and inspirational in everything they do – and it’s even more wonderful to share this on the global stage at MBAT!”

This victory has enhanced our sense of pride and community spirit at LBS. Sports have a unique way of uniting people, and it was inspiring to see our classmates excel outside of the lecture theatres, showcasing their versatility and hidden talent. These experiences have not only strengthened our bonds within LBS but also extended our friendships and network across other business schools. For me personally, leading the team was a transformative experience. The intense months spent rallying everyone together not only fostered significant personal growth but also helped me to forge lasting friendships and sharpened my leadership skills. These intangible rewards are the true medals I take away from this experience.

Special thanks to the MBAT Leadership Team – Kathleen Doyle, Blue Bookhard & Aurelie Gentilhomme, and outgoing Student Association President Priyal Keni for their unwavering support and efforts in making this a highly successful event for LBS.

Author Zhen Ren Teo is a first-year MBA student at London Business School and led the school’s MBAT leadership team. Soon to assume the role of Student Association President at LBS, Zhen Ren is deeply involved in enhancing student life and broadening the school’s network. Zhen Ren had spent four years as a consultant at Boston Consulting Group. Born and raised in Singapore, he was also a national swimmer for Singapore. Zhen Ren holds a BSc in Business Administration from the University of California, Berkeley. 


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