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London-Laurel Tourist Commission to honor basketball history



LONDON, Ky. (WYMT) – From Roy Bowling’s eight Sweet-16 appearances as a head coach in Laurel County to the Sheppard family’s success in the Commonwealth, Laurel County has a rich history of basketball success.

“There’s a lot of basketball history here that needs to be celebrated on it,” Tom Handy said. “In so doing there are a lot of other teams in the past and in the future that’s come along that we have a place to honor them as well.”

The London-Laurel Tourist Commission is working on creating an area at the London Wellness Park that honors the teams and the athletes that played for or won a state or national championship.

“The tourist commission had the idea of celebrating basketball here and it was particularly set off by the Sheppard family,” Handy said. “They have done such a great job. It’s an appreciation.”

The area will include plaques of the teams that have won or played in the state tournament as well as played for national titles.

An area that will honor success from the past while serving to motivate the future.

“Look at that plaques and say look at the accomplishments that he did, his sister did, his mother did, his father did,” Handy said. “It should stimulate a desire with them, I can do that, he did it here, his sister did it here, we can do that. And they can.”

If you or someone you know played in a state or national basketball tournament for a Laurel County school, you can reach out to the London-Laurel Tourist Commission at 606-878-6900.

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