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London Mayor Criticised for Not Removing Gambling Adverts



London Mayor Sadiq Khan is facing backlash after failing to remove gambling ads from London’s Transport for London (TfL). [Image:]

London’s Mayor is facing backlash for failing to remove gambling ads on public transport despite a 2021 promise to do so.

During his election campaign in 2021, Sadiq Khan promised voters that he would instruct Transport for London (TfL) to remove “harmful gambling advertisements on the network.” However, three years later, such a ban has yet to be implemented.

Despite limited evidence on whether gambling advertising increases the risk of gambling harm, the London Assembly’s Health Committee has urged Khan to introduce a “blanket ban.”

invitations to gamble everywhere you look.”

Dr Onkar Sahota AM, Chair of the London Assembly Health Committee, said that it’s “hard to escape the presence of gambling in London” and that there are “invitations to gamble everywhere you look.”

A ban on gambling ads on the TfL would be the latest in a move to remove harmful advertisements on the network. In 2016, ads promoting negative body images were banned followed by a 2019 ban on high fat and sugar foods.

In 2022/23, TfL received £663,640 ($848,850) in revenue from gambling ads.

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