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London’s Hippodrome Casino Upgrades to Wi-Fi 6E



London’s casino destination, Hippodrome Casino,  has streamlined operations and improved guest experiences by deploying a new wired and wireless network utilizing technology from Extreme Networks Incorporated. 

Run by British operator Hippodrome Casino Limited, the six-story Hippodrome Casino sits near west London’s fashionable Soho district. 

The casino destination features a trio of gaming floors alongside a slots room, a poker deck, eight bars, a 180-seat cabaret theater, multiple restaurants, an indoor smoking space and a substantial roof terrace.

Substantial Scope

Computer Weekly reports the large size of the west London venue has historically proved a major hurdle in allowing it to roll out uninterrupted wi-fi connectivity, which is widely considered to be an important factor in operational efficiency and the delivery of top-notch player experiences.

Hippodrome Casino also made the news recently when it was ordered to pay £447,000 in taxes following a High Court ruling against their appeal.

However, Hippodrome Casino has now remedied this obstacle by introducing Wi-Fi 6E services, analytics and a cloud management platform, as well as a data center and edge switches from American network infrastructure developer Extreme Networks Incorporated.

Management Maestro

This fresh upgrade launched via a partnership with British business-to-business information technologies provider ITHQ Limited allows the English property to exploit improved network reliability, flexibility and security alongside enhanced visibility and insights as it strives to meet multiple organizational objectives.

The Information Technology Director for Hippodrome Casino, Philip Mitchell, explained the solutions from Extreme Networks Limited permits his venue to employ reliable and secure wireless connectivity across all of its casino and staff operations. 

He additionally asserted that performance is to be ‘consistently excellent’ despite the new system having to process information from up to 1,600 concurrent users every weekend.

“While the robustness of the wi-fi solution is key for operations, on the back end, they are producing an amazing amount of customer data for our analytics teams to look at,” Mitchell said. 

“We can clearly see the amount of traffic going through each particular system and the impact our improved solutions are making on the business. Our systems show that not only has the number of monitored endpoints doubled but the number of alerts has actually reduced to one-sixth of what they were. 

Innovative Invention

Markus Nispel serves as the EMEA Chief Technology Officer for Extreme Networks Incorporated and he detailed Hippodrome Casino is moreover exploiting his firm’s ExtremeCloud IQ cloud management platform to gain visibility and control over every part of its wi-fi network. 

He asserted this new-found ability even extends to guest access and individual devices such as gaming floor security cameras.

As if this wasn’t enough, Nispel declared Hippodrome Casino can now proactively resolve user issues such as machines that may be using too much bandwidth while simultaneously improving guest access management and the tracking of assets. 

He pronounced the property is also able to more efficiently set policies before introducing these across its entire network without manual intervention.

“Maintaining security on the gaming floor is paramount and it all starts with secure connectivity for all users, devices and applications,” Nispel said. 

“Thanks to the solutions from Extreme Networks Incorporated, Hippodrome Casino has not only seen significant improvements in performance and enhanced its operations through automation but also obtained valuable insights using network analytics to create personalized experiences that keep guests coming back for more.”

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