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LS Digital expands to the UK | Advertising | Campaign India



LS Digital has announced its expansion into the United Kingdom with the opening of an office in the country.


The independent digital marketing transformation group has appointed Pawan Wankhede as business head of the UK operations. Wankhede joins LS Digital from VidRule, where he was CEO.


With this, the company wants to focus more in Europe and UK by expanding its UX and CX business verticals to include media, creative, D&I, innovation and tech, in order to provide the entire range of its ML-based DMT solutions to brands in these markets.


Prasad Shejale, CEO and co-founder, LS Digital, said, “We envision LS Digital becoming a global player in the digital marketing transformation (DMT) space. Inorder to realise this vision, we have appointed an industry veteran like Pawan to take the reins of the UK operations and replicate the growth we have seen in the MEA region. LS Digital already has a significant presence in Europe, specifically in UX and CX verticals. Now we will expand our focus, with the UK as the base and Pawan at the helm, to include the entire DMT solution, which comprises media, creative, D&I, Innovation and tech.”


Rupak Ved, COO, LS Digital, said, “I am happy to welcome Pawan to the UK team. His expertise in diverse areas of the digital marketing space, especially in international markets will help accelerate growth in Europe and take it to greater levels. We perceive a great need among UK businesses for digital marketing transformation solutions. LS Digital’s transformation framework is perfectly

positioned to address the gap in the market. Pawan’s addition will further our growth in the digital marketing space in the UK.”


Wankhede added, “The UK stands as the largest digital advertising market in Europe, with expenditures consistently surpassing traditional channels. This surge in spending underscores a significant demand for brands to embrace a more data-driven strategy, aiming to optimise return on advertising spend (ROAS). I am enthusiastic about joining the LS Digital team, recognising the immense opportunity to guide UK brands in harnessing the robust DMT framework crafted by the company. In my role, I will be dedicated to fostering innovation, broadening our European focus, and assisting brands in setting up their centre of excellence (CoE).”


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