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Lunin Will Travel To London Separately To Avoid Contagion



Lunin has been battling the flu for three consecutive days, missing crucial training sessions in the lead-up to the final. His condition has raised concerns within the team, prompting Real Madrid’s medical staff to take precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the virus among the squad.

Due to the contagious nature of influenza B, Lunin will not be traveling with his teammates to London. The club has decided that he will make the journey separately to minimize any risk of contagion. This precautionary step is vital as Real Madrid aims to keep the rest of the squad in optimal health ahead of the final showdown.

Travel Arrangements

Real Madrid’s team is scheduled to depart for London on Friday. Meanwhile, Lunin’s travel plans are slightly more flexible, contingent on his recovery progress. According to the current plan, Lunin is expected to travel either on Friday or Saturday, depending on when he receives medical clearance indicating he has fully recovered from the flu.

Lunin’s Recovery

The medical team is closely monitoring Lunin’s condition and is optimistic about his recovery. Influenza B typically runs its course within a week, and with Lunin already three days into his illness, it is expected that he will be fit to travel by the weekend. The additional day or two of recovery time will ensure that he is back to full health and ready to support his team in London.

Impact on the Team

Lunin’s absence from training is a setback, but less consequential now that Thibaut Courtois is back and looks to be at his best. Courtois was always the more likely goalkeeper to start, and with Lunin at 100% health, which he should be by Saturday.

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