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Maira Khan enjoying time in London, shares snaps on social media




She spares no opportunity to keep update fans about her new activity

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(Web Desk) – Actor and model Maira Khan is always very active on social media. She spares no opportunity to keep update her fans about her new activity. Now-a-days she is London and enjoying time there.

Actor and model Maira Khan is known for her bold persona and sassy personality as she never shies away from sharing sizzling pictures online despite criticism.

The actor boasts diverse career as she cemented her position in industry with impeccable performances in several dramas and in famous reality show Tamasha.

Besides being a fantastic actor, Maira is a globetrotter, and she recently visited London where she explored the vibrant streets of the British capital, exuding joy in her effortlessly chic style.

She loves to travel. She is putting her best fashion foot forward as she shares different fashion looks and attires while she visits different spots in London.

Maira Khan is an actress who is known for her bold outlook on life and she never shies away from talking about anything, be it her early marriage, divorce or the cosmetic procedures that she has gotten.

She openly calls out everyone and everything that she does not agree with and loves to do what she wants in life and shares her life with her fans and followers.


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