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Monday Musings: A dose of football immortality last week




And you fine folks know exactly what that means. It’s time to grab the ol’ trusty reel, hop in the Boston Whaler, and go trolling for Miami Hurricanes-related thoughts swimming beneath the surface of my mind.

1) What a weekend for Pro Canes Andre Johnson and Devin Hester. Both were selected for enshrinement into the Pro Football Hall of Fame last week. Johnson was first eligible in 2022, so the wait hasn’t been a long one. A two-time first-team All-Pro from 2008-2009, Johnson led the NFL in receiving yards both of those years. He was simply the best in the game at that time. And he did it without a truly great quarterback. Matt Schaub was fine, but image Johnson with a Super Bowl-caliber quarterback. Goodness.

I was pleasantly surprised and thrilled to see Hester make it. It’s about time the Hall voters give credence to players that don’t typically fit the Hall’s mold for admitting players, and there’s no doubt that Hester was a revolutionary and game-changing player in the return game. The Hall should be about recognizing all aspects of the game, and no one was greater at his craft than Hester.

2) I hate that Reggie Wayne’s name wasn’t included, but there’s no way three Canes were going in together in the same class. I hope that the wait ends next year for the former Colts great. His numbers are very similar to Johnson’s so that should be a good sign for his chances of getting the knock sooner than later.

3) And yes, we’re at the point in our football lives to where those early 2000s great teams are now so distant that middle-aged men are getting enshrined into the Hall. That…….really makes me sad. And it puts into perspective just how long it’s been since Miami has been a true football power. Sigh……….

4) What in the sweet and sour hell was that call on the final possession of the UNC-Miami game? Yes, I’m skipping the vast majority of the game and getting straight to that. I’m not going in on the officiating. I don’t feel like it was as bad as others feel that it was in this particular case, although that lane violation was absolute cockamamie horse crap. I’m far more bent out of shape on how things shook out with just over 20 seconds left. With the score 74-71, Miami inbounded the ball and Pack brought it up the floor. He dribbled time out near the top of the key for some reason, then took a couple of steps and jacked up an astronomically long three. Predictably, it wasn’t close, and UNC took the rebound with 10 seconds left.

Why in God’s green earth did Miami not try something with a higher success rate? Dribble penetration to create an opportunity on the perimeter. Or perhaps drive for a two-point shot with so much time left. Or try to create an open shot for someone with motions and screens. Nada. I won’t rip all that much typically on L, who’s earned eons of good will after last year, but I will still complain about poor coaching decisions when I see them, and that was one in my honest opinion.

5) With that loss, the season is all but over. They HAD to have that game to get a massive win for the resume. Unless they win up in Chapel Hill (very unlikely) and beat Duke (also very unlikely), then it’s win the ACC tourney or bust for Miami. Oh well. We still have a nice, beautiful Final Four banner hanging in the rafters. I’ll just enjoy that for the time being (and a good, long while beyond that).

Go Canes!

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