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New London Named Leader In Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure



NEW LONDON, CT — New London has been named a “clean community” for its leadership in electric vehicle charging stations and its role in supporting clean, sustainable transportation alternatives, according to a statement.

The Clean Transportation Communities of Southern CT made New London only the second city in the state to earn the distinction. The other is New Haven.

City leaders were presented with the award at a Thursday event.

“We were impressed with New London’s aggressive work to provide the infrastructure necessary for more drivers to make the switch to clean, economical, sustainable transportation,” Paul Wessel, Director of Clean Transportation Communities of Southern CT, said in a statement. “It takes all of us working together to fight climate change, and New London is taking a leading role in the state’s commitment to reduce pollution from fossil fuels.”

New London now has 45 electric vehicle charging stations throughout the city with 77 ports available. Of those, 23 stations were installed by the city and 22 have been installed by private entities such as auto dealerships, Mitchell College and Connecticut College, the New London Mall, the new downtown office of the Eastern Connecticut Chamber of Commerce, and others.

“I’m proud of our progress in the effort to fight climate change and to be at the forefront of the state’s efforts to improve air quality for our families,” Mayor Michael Passero said in a statement. “As a coastal city, New London is keenly aware of the effects of climate change, and we will continue to take action in this fight.”

Carey Redd, New London’s Director of Transportation, Parking, and Transit, has led the effort to add EV charging stations in the city.

“I have to thank our partners at Eversource for helping us become a leader in encouraging people to transition to electric vehicles for the benefit of our local and state residents and the broader environment,” Redd said. “Eversource’s EV station reimbursement program provided a substantial portion of the total cost.”

The U.S. Department of Energy provides an online map of charging stations and any municipality’s stations can be found by entering the zip code or city name.

Colonial Chevrolet, Cadillac, Hyundai, formerly MJ Sullivan of New London, provided two electric vehicles for display during Thursday’s award ceremony.

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