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Nigel Farage holds an ‘emergency’ to announce he will stand at general election – London Business News |



Nigel Farage has held and ‘emergency’ news briefing where he has said that he will take over as the leader of Reform UK.

Speaking for around 15 minutes Farage said that the general election campaign is the “dullest” so far.

The new Reform UK leader attacked both Labour and the Tories over “mass immigration,” adding, “Frankly we are in a situation, I think, where nobody believes a word that they say.”

The former UKIP leader said, “Difficult though it is, I can’t let down those millions of people, I simply can’t do it, it’d be wrong.

“So I have decided I’ve changed my mind, it’s allowed you know, it’s not always a sign of weakness, it could potentially be a sign of strength. So I am going to stand in this election.”

He warned voters that whoever wins the general election taxes will remain high and many will become poorer as the UK is further in an economic decline, he said.

Farage then turned to talk about D-Day and said that as a result of the “political class” in power “52% of 18-34-old don’t even know what D-Day is,” a new poll claims.

Farage said, “We believe that the Westminster political class are now even more detached than when they were before that referendum stunned everybody.”

Farage had confirmed on Monday afternoon that he will be standing for the seat of Clacton in Essex and he will be back for the “next five years.”

When asked if he will stand Farage said, “I’ve changed my mind,” which comes as he has said that he will not.

Farage added, “I am going to stand in this election. I’ll be launching my candidacy at midday tomorrow in the Essex seaside town of Clacton.

“So midday tomorrow, Clacton at the end of the pier.”

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