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Paylormade Golf Academy opening in downtown Vacaville



A new golf academy has opened its doors in downtown Vacaville.

Paylormade Golf Academy, located at 300 Main St. and is run by Elliott Paylor of Vacaville who knows a thing or two about the game.

Paylor, a 2003 graduate of Vacaville High and father of two young girls, has played in the PGA Tour Canada’s Mackenzie Tour and PGA Tour’s Barracuda Championship.

Now it is time for Paylor to share his decades of experience in the game of golf with the community he was raised in.

In addition to playing professionally, Paylor has worked in pro shops and taught at golf courses like Yoche Dehe in Brooks and Green Valley Country Club in Fairfield.

He has been instructing solely though since the beginning of 2022.

Paylor and his wife, Elizabeth had bounced around the idea of starting a golf academy, but it wasn’t until they were offered a space downstairs at the Journey Downtown Library whiskey and wine bar that the concept was able to come to fruition.

The name of the company is a play on the popular golf equipment manufacturing brand, Taylormade.

An old email address of Paylor’s,, sparked the idea for the academy’s very fitting name.

After about a year of preparation, Paylor is now using state-of-the-art technology to help his clients improve their skills and hone their craft.

The golf simulator that is used during instruction at Paylormade Golf Academy gives details and statistics that cannot be found by practicing on a course.

“It’s everything,” said Paylor of the simulator. “In the past, I have taught people who have been playing golf longer than I’ve been alive and they have to trust and buy into my information. In an hour with this machine, I could see how much I could help someone and they would trust me. With the machine, it’s not opinionated information, it’s fact. You can’t argue it.”

The goal of Paylormade Golf Academy is to offer a personal, safe, and social environment for all ages and to help grow the lifelong game of golf in Solano County.

In the future, Paylor hopes to be able to expand into a bigger facility with more golf simulators to allow his clients and their families to embrace the evolution of indoor golf.

“We want to provide the opportunity for anybody from any walk of life to be able to find success here,” said Paylor’s wife, Elizabeth. “Giving back to our community and those who have made this possible is important because it’s taken a village to get here. Considering how everything fell into place, we just want to help others.”

Paylormade Golf Academy will have its grand opening event on March 18. It will take place in the academy as well as in the front courtyard of the Library.

There will be food, drinks, competitions for prizes, merchandise, and more to help introduce the academy to the Vacaville community.

“Golf is so much more than a sport,” said Paylor. “I grew up playing baseball and basketball. Baseball was my love until I found golf. Golf is the most accountable and rewarding sport I have ever played. You do lose more than you win in this game. It’s a true test of character, discipline, and due diligence. The more you give to the game, the more it gives back to you.”

To learn more about Paylormade Golf Academy or to book a lesson, visit: or visit @PaylormadeGolfAcademy on Facebook and Instagram.

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