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Poland backs Ukraine using their weapons in Russia and will not rule out sending troops – London Business News |



The Polish Deputy Prime Minister has said that he supports Ukraine to attack targets inside the Russian Federation using Poland’s weaponry.

Polish Secretary of State at the Ministry of National Defense Cezary Tomczyk said that Ukraine has the right to strike military sites in Russia and that Kyiv “can fight however they want.”

Tomczyk told RadioZET, “We decided to help Ukraine in the conflict, Ukraine was brutally attacked, so it has the right to defend itself as it sees fit.”

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He then issued a plea to other Western allies to allow Ukraine to use their weapons to hit targets inside Russia.

Tomczyk pledged to continue to help Ukraine with military aid and that Poland’s defense budget has increased to 4% of their GDP next year.

He added, “Poland has already made 44 donations to Ukraine, we are preparing [the 45th]… In total, the value in terms of donations is 15-20 billion Polish złoty ($3.8-5 billion).”

The Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sirkorski has sent shockwaves across the Kremlin saying that Warsaw should “not rule out any option” sending their soldiers to Ukraine.

However, Tomczyk said that there is “no such idea or discussion” to send Polish forces into Ukraine.

In February the French President Emmanuel Macron said that he will not “rule out” sending troops to Ukraine and now Poland are coming around to the idea, but most NATO countries have ruled this out over fears of nuclear retaliation from Russia.

During an interview with three European newspapers, including Poland’s Gazeta Wyborcza, Sikorski said “let Putin guess what we are going to do.”

In March Sikorksi spoke of the possibility of sending troops to Ukraine and he said this is “not unthinkable.”

He added, “I appreciate French President Emmanuel Macron’s initiative because it’s about making Putin afraid, not us being afraid of Putin.”

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