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Putin threatens to arm Western enemies for ‘painful strikes’ – London Business News |



Moscow has threatened to supply weapons to any US enemy as President Joe Biden does to Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday at the St Petersburg international Economic Forum (SPIEF) that are thinking of ways to respond to the West for sending weaponry to Ukraine.

Putin has suggested that by supplying similar weapons to Western enemies where “painful strikes” can be performed, is one possible option.

Russian Security Council Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev said, “This marks quite a significant change in our foreign policy.

This is what the Yankees and their drooling European dogs think: we have the right to send any weapons to Ukraine, the enemy of our country, but no country can help Russia.

Medvedev added, “Now let the US and its allies feel the direct impact of the use of Russian weapons by third parties.

“This could be anyone who considers Yankeeland as their enemy, regardless of their political beliefs or international recognition.

“If the US is their enemy, then they are our friends.

“And let the use of Russian weapons in the so far unidentified ‘regions’ be as devastating as possible for their and our adversaries. Let ‘the sensitive facilities of countries providing weapons to Ukraine’ burn in hellfire, along with those who operate them.

As for us, we will rejoice in the successful strikes involving our weapons against our common enemies.”

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