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Quaker, one of the horses injured in London, is not doing well



The Army has released a statement advising that black horse, Quaker, one the Household Cavalry horses injured in London on Wednesday last is “not doing well”.  The other significantly injured horse, Vida, has now been returned to her stable after undergoing a surgical procedure. 

The Army has confirmed that the remainder of the horses who did not sustain serious injury after they bolted through London are expected to return to normal duties in due course.  

There are no further updates about the service personnel who were thrown in this terrible incident where five terrified horses threw off their army riders before running free and colliding with a tour bus and taxis. They then ran terrified over a course of 5 miles, leaving a bloody trail in their wake throughout London. Police followed two of the horses for over five miles while tourists fled in horror to avoid the path of destruction and havoc caused by the petrified animals.  

The incident occurred at 8am and eye witnesses reported seeing a solider thrown from his horse after a falling piece of concrete spooked the horses whilst they were completed an exercise session. Workers in a nearby hotel, who had a good view of the incident, described it as “total mayhem” as the animals galloped through packed streets during the rush hour. Four people had to be treated by ambulance crews after three separate incidents in Buckingham Palace Road, Belgrave Square and the junction Chancery Lane and Fleet Street.  


The Army has received dozens of offers to rehome the injured horses, including one from The Horse Trust, the UK’s oldest equine charity, if the horses are not to return to their former ceremonial duties.  

At present, the fate of Quaker is still hanging in the balance. We wish him well and hope that he makes a good recovery.  

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