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Questions over Surrey Police actions in dealing with escaped cow



Questions over Surrey Police actions in dealing with escaped cow

By Bob DaleBBC News, South East

Amarjit Kharaud Cow about to be hit by a police car in FelthamAmarjit Kharaud

The video shows a cow apparently running loose in a west London street

Warning: This article contains images that some people may find distressing

Police said they are aware that an incident in which an escaped cow was struck twice by a response vehicle on a residential street has caused “distress”.

Footage shared online apparently shows the marked vehicle ramming into the animal, which appears to be stunned and tries to get to its feet before being hit a second time.

Home Secretary James Cleverly said he will be asking for an urgent explanation, describing the actions as “heavy handed”.

Ch Insp Adam Tatton, of Surrey Police, said: “We know that this has caused some distress within the local community.”

The video was posted on X, formerly Twitter, by someone who said it happened in Feltham, west London, on Thursday evening.

In the 26-second video, witnesses and bystanders can be heard reacting in shock as the cow is struck by the police vehicle.

The RSPCA described the video as “upsetting and and distressing” and said it would be contacting the force about the incident.

Amarjit Kharaud Cow hit by police car in South LondonAmarjit Kharaud

Social media footage showed an escaped cow hit twice by a police vehicle

Surrey Police said said it received reports that a cow was “running loose” in Staines-upon-Thames.

It said: “The cow ran onto a number of main roads and caused traffic disruption within the local area.

“Whilst attempting to move the cow to safety, it became increasingly distressed and was injured.”

It said the animal has been seen by a vet and is receiving treatment for a large cut to its leg.

‘Very upsetting’

Mr Cleverly, writing on X, said: “I can think of no reasonable need for this action.

“I’ve asked for a full, urgent explanation for this.

“It appears to be unnecessarily heavy handed.”

Wildlife activist and presenter Chris Packham said: “I don’t know where to start with this.

“But it’s surely illegal and must be investigated and prosecuted.

“What sort of monster rams a calf? Twice?”

An RSPCA spokesperson said: “This is a very upsetting and distressing video to watch.

“We will be getting in touch with the police urgently to understand the circumstances as to what happened.”

Ch Insp Tatton said: “Our priority when responding to any incident is first and foremost the safety of the public.”

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