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Quinbrook announces real-time renewable energy consumption platform



Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners has launched a new digital platform named Quintrace, intended to provide precise real-time tracking and reporting of renewable energy consumption for corporate customers.

The platform is designed to allow businesses to audit their energy usage and accurately report on their carbon emissions.

Quintrace offers an interface through which customers can monitor the origins of each kilowatt-hour of power they use, tracing it back to the renewable projects they are sourced from within the electricity grid.

This functionality extends to a 24/7 basis, providing an hourly breakdown.

The aim is to enable users to match their consumption with renewable generation, a step seen as critical in validating claims of sustainable energy use and mitigating the risk of greenwashing.

The technology underpinning Quintrace allows companies to simulate and analyse the carbon impact of their energy-related decisions.

David Scaysbrook, Co-founder and Managing Partner of Quinbrook, said: “It’s now critical to know the carbon intensity of the grid power being used to charge batteries before that stored energy is supplied to a customer.”

“Companies must be able to prove and audit their carbon footprint reductions along with the need to meet increasingly stringent carbon reporting that presents huge and costly challenges,” Scaysbrook stated.

The Quintrace platform aligns with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and incorporates the newly established EnergyTag standard, offering users the ability to manage and record Energy Attribute Certificates, including Renewable Energy Certificates and Guarantees of Origin.

The technology also facilitates the handling of Power Purchase Agreements and provides detailed monitoring for users employing battery storage, reporting on the carbon intensity associated with stored energy.

James Allan, Senior Director and Head of Digital Applications at Quinbrook, said: “Quintrace includes one of the first applications of the EnergyTag hourly certificate standard to real-world assets on an operational basis,” Allan said.

Energy Locals, a Quinbrook portfolio company, used the platform to track the renewable energy supply for its community energy sites in Sydney.

Allan said that through Quintrace, Energy Locals could demonstrate a significant percentage of its energy consumption being directly supplied by renewable sources, onsite and through off-site PPAs.

Quintrace will be rolled out across Quinbrook’s portfolio companies in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia, aiming to improve transparency in energy sourcing and consumption.

Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners manages assets encompassing onshore wind and solar power, battery storage, and other flexible energy solutions.

The company has a history of investments in energy infrastructure, aiming to build and operate projects that align with the transition to sustainable energy sources.

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