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Rob Gronkowski misses again in viral FanDuel Super Bowl 2024 field goal commercial



Rob Gronkowski got a second bite of the apple and still disappointed as he missed another Super Bowl kick.

Gronkowski whiffed on another 25-yard field goal ahead of Super Bowl 2024, with bettors who correctly predicted the outcome of the kick earning a split of $10 million in bonus bets.

The Post first reported that Gronkowski would get a second shot at the field goal in January.

The Super Bowl 2023 field goal missed wide left in a nearby stadium in Arizona that happened live during the third quarter.

This year’s kick went wide right.

This year’s Super Bowl kick, while advertised as live, actually took place just before the game started in a desert area near Las Vegas.

Rob Gronkowski lines up for the kick. @FanDuel/YouTube
Rob Gronkowski misses the kick @FanDuel/YouTube

FanDuel brought in WWE Superstar John Cena as a part of the commercial series, while the late Carl Weathers also played a part in the first installment.

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Weathers died Feb. 2, and FanDuel adjusted its commercial campaign out of respect to the mourning family.

Rob Gronkowski reacts to missing the kick @FanDuel/YouTube
Rob Gronkowski is picked up by the late Carl Weathers in the desert ahead of the Kick of Destiny 2. FanDuel

The former “Rocky” star appeared multiple times in the series as a trainer for Gronkowski, similar to how his Apollo Creed character mentored Rocky Balboa in “Rocky III.”

Meanwhile, Cena was seen in the commercials as an antagonist to Gronkowski as he interviewed for a similar job. Gronkowski would storm into the meeting and lobby for the same field goal attempt that he missed during last year’s game, a Chiefs win over the Eagles.

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