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Russia and North Korea sign a new defence deal – London Business News |



Russia and North Korea sign a new defence deal – London Business News |

Vladimir Putin has pledged a security cooperation with North Korea and signed a strategic treaty in Pyongyang.

During a press conference with the North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un Putin said that this “is really a breakthrough document.”

The Russian despot said in the North Korean capital the security document provides “among other things, for mutual assistance in case of aggression against one of the parties to this treaty.”

Putin added that Russia “does not rule out military-technical cooperation with the DPRK in connection with the treaty that was signed today.”

Yuri Ushakov, the Russian presidential assistant, said the pact is required because of “the deep evolution of the geopolitical situation in the world and the region.”

Jong Un said that Putin is the “dearest friend of the Korean people” and North Korea “expresses full support and solidarity to the Russian government” in the war in Ukraine.

Putin said during the press conference that both Russia and North Korea blasted the West over “blackmail” with their sanction and called for the United Nations to review the sanctions imposed.

Putin added, “The indefinite restrictive regime inspired by the US and its allies at the UN Security Council towards the DPRK should be reviewed.”

The North Korean dictator said that they have both risen “to a new high of alliance” with their ties.

Jong Un added, “It is greatly satisfying to conclude a great treaty that befits a changed international situation and the strategic nature of new DPRK-Russia relations.”

The North Korean leader described Putin as “the dearest friend of the Korean people.”

He added, “At this moment, when the whole world is paying close attention to Pyongyang, where the friendship mission from Russia has arrived, I stand with Russian comrades – our most honest friends and comrades.”

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